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Hey,so here we have some rules and remarks. Please read this before you submit any confessions.

1. We post all confessions but there are exceptions and those exceptions include any confessions that are homophobic, racist, sexist or just plain rude. If your confession isn’t being posted at all, this is probably the reason.

2. All confessions over 400 characters will be posted as text confessions.

3. Confessions with 6 different celebrities/tv shows/movies/… will be posted as text confessions.

4. If your confession is not specific about anyone or anything, please submit your own photo as well, or simply just make the confession more specific. We can’t post a confession without a specific photo to link it to. 

5. All confessions where the content of the confession is only two people/bands/shows/movies/… compared to one another with the < or the > signs are banned.  An example would be: “Madonna > Lady Gaga”. However, if you have the decency to explain your comparison in the confession (for example: “Madonna > Lady Gaga. Madonna is more expierenced than Gaga.”) then it is not banned.

6. All confessions must say “Confession” in front of it. If that isn’t in front of it, we can confuse it with a comment or a question. If you don’t follow this rule, the confession you submitted will be removed.

7. Each confession has to be submitted separately.If you want to submit several confessions, submit them all separately. Otherwise, we will only make one or none at all.

You can always ask us questions in the askbox regarding these rules and guidelines.