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Q: I think it's kind of dumb, but what is pop music technically? I get a little confused because I read that Joan Jett is a popstar in a website, and like... Isn't she rock n roll? The same for P!nk. She's not as rock n roll as Joan Jett but she's pop/rock, like the post below said. She has many songs heavily rock-influenced, like Just like a pill, Long way to happy, Runaway, Heartbreaker, U + Ur Hands. But she's labelled as popstar, even her rockier songs.


Did NOT see that one coming. Again, not sure if confession or not but I personally think that Joan Jett is NOT pop.

Pink however, I don’t know, I think she’s pretty poppy. Sure, she has some rock-influenced tracks but I think its pretty safe to say that she’s pop/rock. I mean, thats my opinion…

But you can look at pop in different ways. I mean, you have pop music, and you have classical music. Most people don’t think about it that way, but it is true. And if you think about it like that, both Joan Jett and P!nk are pop music.