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I severely dislike Demi Lovato; I feel she sold her sob story and cheapened what it really means for young girls who are depressed and self harming; so many celebrities have self harmed (angelina jolie and johnny depp, miley cyrus to name a few) and they didn’t use it to boost their record sales. Demi even states in an interview that “skyscraper” was just a song on her album and THEN they made it a single. Obviously knowing people will connect it with her self harm news. It’d be one thing if she wrote it about it specifically, but what she did is just a plain old publicity move. I think she’s the most fake celebrity out there and what makes her that much worse is that she puts on this front that she’s all about “helping” those poor girls, when really I doubt she really cares that much at all as long as they buy her cd.