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Q: hi emily, (okay, i'm already calling you by the name) i watched DH's pilot, and i'm amazed, it's better than what I expected to be! it's a different show, i'm like 16 years, and shows for my "age" always have black comedy, crude explicit humour and a lot of swearing, not that I don't like, my favorite series is basically that, but with DH is different, the humour is complex and the story is captivating, sure i'm gonna continue watching! and all the scenaries are beautiful haha


Haha, thats alright… everyone can call me Emily, because… thats my name! :) I love the humour in DH as well. And I think a lot of people are surprised about how good it is when they watch the pilot! I mean, no one expects something like Mary-Alice her storyline and stuff…  I’m really glad you like it. :)

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