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Azealia’s way too arrogant and outspoken for someone who’s barely even known on the music scene. She keeps taking all these shots at different artists but where’s her music at? Seems she’s spending more time throwing shade than making music. Start promoting your mixtapes and your upcoming album and stop being so feisty when you have basically nothing to back up the shit you’re saying. Azealia goes so hard and I love her music, but as an artist, she needs to sit down and shut up for a while till she has any right to be saying anything to these well established artists.

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  1. reshunbitch said: LOL U say u love her music but u said “Where’s her music?” Be sure to catch Azealia on Beyoncé,Gaga, and Kanye west albums!!! :D oh and please follow me! love your blog!
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    And it’s not even that she’s not making any. She does loads of shit all the time. I just think she needs to hire a pr...
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